Know yourself and the truth will set you free.

Three Ways To Love Yourself When You Are Feeling Broken

Have you ever imagined how life would be, if you didn’t feel so broken and you felt whole and empowered and in control of your life? For most of my life, I struggled with low self-esteem, guilt, shame, unworthiness, never feeling enough – the list was endless! Then one morning I woke up with three simple words in my head and my journey to healing began! I wrote a little e-book to share with you some of the power of these three magical words; it’s my gift to you.

I Am: Awakening to your True self

My mission is to hold a space for those who are hungry to know who they truly are. Are you ready to stand up and claim your own BEingness, your own uniqueness? Are you ready for an empowering journey of letting go of what you are not and bringing to light your true nature, your own unique expression of self, your own truth through the sacred words of I AM. My wish is for you to discover and bathe in your own unique Fragrance of Being. Check out the different courses that I am offering.

Find out about my new course – BE-Coming Me!

Your power comes from knowing who and what you are. The book of your life, your story, the meaning of your life, the purpose of your life, is within you. It is not written in the pages of a book written by someone else; created by someone else; defined by someone else; in the words of someone else. You have to look for it within you; you have to go within you to read it!

Stand rooted in your power and beauty and allow the unique fragrance of your Being to come forth.


I hold a loving space for those who are hungry to know who and what they truly are. I help people to stand up and claim their own BEingness, their own uniqueness. I guide and support others on an empowering journey of letting go of what they are not and bringing to light their true nature, their own unique expression of self, their own truth through the sacred words of I AM.


My wish is for everyone to discover and bathe in their own YOUnique Fragrance of Being!

Falling into the trap of overwhelm

Have you ever fallen into the trap of overwhelm?   I find the beginning of a whole new year ahead very exciting. I love looking back over the past year and reflecting on what I have learned about myself, seeing what I have achieved, and celebrating how much I have...

An empty cup cannot quench anyone’s thirst

An empty cup cannot quench anyone's thirst.   Let me ask you something … Are you continuously nurturing others, and never listening or acknowledging your own needs? Do you feel lost, insecure, lonely, worried, misunderstood, exhausted, and overwhelmed most of the...

I love being part of Fiona’s I Am Connected group. She regularly posts practical exercises, meditations, lovely mantras, inspiring videos, music to dance to and beautiful poems she’s written… all aimed at connecting ourselves to our hearts and showing ourselves compassion and love. What I absolutely love about her teachings, is that they are all so easily do-able wherever you are and they can fit into your day even if you’re short of time. It makes so much difference to spend a little quality time with ourselves.

Miranda Rowe

Miri Oils

Fiona is a natural nurturer and has a wonderfully calm and healing energy around her. Working with her is a lovely experience and she holds a very safe and nurturing space where you can explore your healing journey and feel very supported in doing so. Fiona reminds you to come back into yourself and breathe, often just when you need it most and her meditations are wonderful, along with her daily prompts for the I AM affirmations. They quite often come at a time when I really need to remember to stop and breathe. She is one of the truly beautiful souls of this earth.

Esta Robertson


Fiona has a deep Soul commitment to anchoring one to one’s Source Presence. For me it is the Joy of being Me, as my creative Joyful self, in love with the Joy and Power of Language to heal and shift towards the Light of Being. Her Fragrance of Being is that of the Yesterday-Today-and Tomorrow Bush, guiding with Clarity, to Transition and Expansion: White, Lilac and deep Purple, whilst holding you in the deep fragrance of  her nurturing support.

In working with her, I have been able to acknowledge my Past and let go of what no longer serves, what to be Present to Now, and what to unequivocally commit to in shaping my Success and wellbeing as an Empowered woman, NLP Coach and Vibrational Energy Healer. I highly recommend working with her, to anchor yourself to your Source, from which all inspired action flows. Her caring and ability to stay the course has been a great source of Joy to us both.

Monique van Oosterhout

I feel very blessed to have connected with Fiona. I am in her I AM Connected group and her teachings have assisted me daily in keeping me balanced and grounded. One of the many skills Fiona has is making you feel at ease, so that you are able to explore with her any troubles you may have. I have been setting my alarm 5 times a day for a number of months now to do a breathing technique she shared with me, and it has really helped me reduce my stress levels by slowing down time to enjoy being in the present!

Sharon Simmonds

Holistic View

I am so happy to have joined I AM Connected under the loving guidance of Fiona. I have always appreciated working with Fiona, her ability to really connect with people, take care of them and enhance the characteristics of each one. To be in this group for me is a chance to be connected each day and make meditation an integral part of my life. I love Fiona’s meditation and all the tools she gives to support us connecting back to ourselves and balancing our energy in our daily life. I really hope to walk a long path of practice and awareness with Fiona and this group, to make some important changes in my life.

Federica Bertamino

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