Self-love is no way selfish; it is a wonderful gift you not only give to yourself but to every living being.


Have you ever wished…


…there was a simple way to stop all that pain, frustration and resentment, and silence those poisonous never-ending voices inside your head, and outside of you, that continually tell you that you are bad and selfish and useless? Those voices that tell you are nothing and never will be anything; those voices that tell you that you are unworthy of being loved because you are not good enough, or beautiful enough, or anything enough; those voices that tell you that nothing will ever change, it’s all your fault and you are getting what you deserve anyway.


Have you ever imagined…


…how it would feel to look at life through fresh eyes, to experience a wonderful sense of discovery not only of who you truly are, but of others and nature and the environment around you? Have you ever imagined how it would feel to stop feeling so broken and just know that you are whole and empowered and in control of your life? Have you ever imagined how it would be to wake up to each new day with joy, feeling good about yourself, recognising your self-worth, loving every single part of you – all your amazingness and all your flaws?


Let me ask you a few things…


Do you love yourself?

Are you kind and gentle with yourself?

Do you acknowledge and listen to your needs, or are you always saying YES to everyone and everything and continuously saying NO to yourself?

Are you a priority in your life, or merely an option?

Are you ready to stop giving in to everyone and everything, and start giving in to love – giving in to self-love?

Are you ready to befriend yourself and acknowledge the amazing person that you truly are?




If someone had asked me these questions a few years ago, I would have squirmed at the thought! Love yourself? I had absolutely no idea what that meant or even where to start! And anyway, wasn’t loving yourself just being plain selfish?


I had no idea what self-love was nor that it was even an option. And every time I did try to do something for me, I was shamed into believing and feeling that I was bad person and only thought of myself.


I am a survivor. Yes, I’m a survivor of a very emotionally and mentally abusive relationship and marriage of 26 years. As a result of this relationship, I struggled with chronically low self-esteem, lack of confidence, and I never felt enough, or worthy enough for anyone or anything. I felt totally misunderstood, overwhelmed, lost, insecure, and I was on tender hooks all the time. I couldn’t speak up for myself, I would just choke up and cry because over the years I had silenced my own voice rather than his.


I was a chronic people-pleaser. I had no sense of self. I tried so hard to be and do what everyone else wanted but no matter what I did, or how much I did, it was never enough, or it wasn’t the thing I should have done, and I should have known better. I was terrified to say no, as I would, not only be told I was a really bad person, but I would be letting someone down, hurting someone’s feelings, disappointing someone who would then be extremely upset and angry with me and my life would be even harder to bear! So, I said yes to pretty much everything and everyone… and yes, and yes, and yes again …time after time after time! Sound familiar?


You know, we have been taught to believe that self-love is selfish. NO! Absolutely NOT! Certainly NOT! NO way!


We are being selfish when we expect others to give up their lives and happiness and time and money for us. We are being selfish when we demand that others prove their love for us by doing what we want them to do, rather than doing what is important or good for them. We are being selfish when we manipulate others to do what we want, take care of us, expect them to fix our lives and fulfil our needs. We are being selfish when we expect people to be how we want them to be and don’t give a damn how they feel. We are being selfish when our needs and our goals are all that matter and everything, we do is motivated by what we can get out of the situation. We are being selfish when we quickly pull out the weapons of guilt, shame and blame when we don’t get what we want and actually accuse others of being selfish to us!


In reality, when we are selfish, we have no love or respect for ourselves, let alone any love for anyone else. We cannot give others love and understanding and compassion when we do not have it inside of us for ourselves.


Self-love is a heart-centred state of being. It is unconditional love, that expands and embraces and encircles everyone and everything.


The more you love and respect yourself, the more you love and respect others, the environment, the earth. Self-love means taking responsibility for your life and your personal growth. It means respecting, nurturing and being kind. It means recognising and accepting differences and uniqueness. It means developing more forgiveness, empathy, compassion, not only of yourself but for every living being on this planet.


Choosing to love yourself is a powerful act of Universal Love.


You experience a wonderful sense of discovery not only of who you truly are, but of others and nature and the environment around you. You see everything with fresh eyes and treating yourself with love and respect, you automatically treat others in your life in the same way. Your intentions and actions come directly from the heart; you see yourself more positively, you accept yourself, you nurture yourself, you listen to your needs. You stop self-judgement; you take inventory of all your amazing qualities and achievements, and you begin to appreciate your uniqueness. You look within you and face your wounds and pain with love, you let go of what no longer serves you, you create healthy boundaries and stop allowing everyone and everything to walk in your space with their dirty feet! You fill yourself up with so much love it just overflows out into the world and your life automatically begins to change and suddenly becomes full of possibility.



Giving In To Love, Going Home To You is a 5-week course – at Root level – on Self-Love, Embodiment and Connection to you.


Why 5 weeks?


Well, 5 is the number of personal freedom and change. It is the balance between the physical and the spiritual – our humanity and our divinity; the sacred marriage – Hieros Gamos – between the earth and the sky. It talks of individualism, courage and YOUniqueness and is all about learning important life lessons through actual experience and not just theory.


I will provide you with effective, yet simple tools and exercises to follow each day to get you started on the journey to truly loving yourself and transforming your life.


You will begin to experience…


  • coming home to you – embodying yourself and discovering your inner and outer sanctuary
  • building a loving, compassionate relationship with yourself
  • ‘I’dentifying yourself through the power of I AM
  • being more present
  • connecting your divinity and humanity
  • strengthening your sense of self and taking responsibility for you
  • listening to the wisdom of your body
  • setting up healthy boundaries
  • making more aligned choices
  • making yourself a priority and saying YES to you
  • nurturing yourself and paying attention to your needs


As I said, this is an experiential course, so there will be a balance between doing and being.

A Facebook group will be set up where we can support each other and share experiences. I will also be regularly coming into the group live and on Zoom to teach and guide you through meditations and other practices. You will also find the materials and daily practices of self-awareness and presence:


  • brief meditations and I AM breathing
  • mudras
  • Self-Love and I AM declarations
  • Self-knowledge journaling
  • intentional Self-Love pauses throughout the day
  • learning to be present with yourself
  • creating a new and loving mental loop
  • living your days more consciously

Oh and, of course, lots and lots of self-love!!!



This course is for you if you…


  • are continuously saying YES to others and NO to yourself
  • are continuously nurturing others and never acknowledging your own needs
  • struggle with low self-esteem, guilt, shame, unworthiness
  • define yourself according to other people’s perceptions and definitions of you
  • are continuously comparing yourself to others and think you are not enough because you are not like them
  • are feeling lost, insecure, lonely, worried, misunderstood, exhausted, overwhelmed most of the time
  • live each day as if it is just something to get through in order to someday live the life you long for
  • are ready to say ‘Enough is Enough!’ and take responsibility for your own well-being;
  • are ready to infuse your life with self-love and let go of self-sabotage and judgement
  • are ready to be empowered and stop caring what other people think of you.



This course isn’t for you if you…


  • are looking for a quick fix and aren’t prepared to be and do the necessary work
  • are not ready to take responsibility for yourself or your life
  • expect others to fix your life and fulfil your needs
  • aren’t open to possibilities and change
  • are more committed to staying stuck than creating time for you
  • are already swimming in the sea of self-love.



About the course


When does it start?

It will start on Friday, 10th September.


How long will it last?

It will last for 5 weeks.

How much is the investment?


The investment for this course is £155.


And there is also the possibility to pay in two instalments of £78.



If you are looking for more personalised support and coaching on your journey back home to you, this course is also offered with a further five weekly 1:1 sessions of 6o minutes with me.

The investment for this is £675.


There is also the option to pay in 2 instalments of £338.

When you join the course, you will also receive:


Bonus One:

a 30 minute 1:1 Self-Love session with me to give you more focused support on your journey back home to you.


Bonus Two:

…a 30 minute 1:1 session with me to discover from your birth-chart who your Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine are and how you can align and work with them.


Bonus Three:

some personalised, empowering I AM and Self-Love Declarations from what we discover from your birth chart and a personalised recording of them to listen to on your phone, wherever you are throughout your day.


Do you love yourself gently, passionately, softly, wildly and every single way in between? No? Well, it’s time you did lovely being because loving yourself is totally life-changing…

Self-love is calling you! The time has come to take care of yourself, to nurture yourself, to listen to your needs. It’s time to treat yourself with love and respect and allow yourself to blossom into the magnificent, unique being that you are!


With Love and Fragrant Blessings

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