Loving yourself is the most precious gift of all because the love you gift yourself, you automatically gift to every living being!

Loving yourself is NOT being selfish. People tell you it is because it is in their best interest for you not to love yourself. And it is in their best interest for you to think you are broken and unloved but, hear this… you are SO not! You are not broken in any way.


Letting others define you


You know why we think we are broken and unloved? Because we let other people define us – our family, our friends, society, our environment, our culture, our education, our religion, our nationality. We try so very hard to fit into other people’s boxes and we hit on ourselves when we are the wrong shape or size or form.

We let others mould us; we let others tell us who we are and who we are not; who we should be and who we should not; what we must be and what we must not. We listen to that false us in our head that does everything it can to convince us that what the others say is true and that it’s all our fault that we don’t fit in.

We feel broken and unloved because deep down in our soul, we know that what they say is untrue. The pain and misery we experience comes because they do not recognise us, they do not see us for what we know we truly are, and as a consequence, we feel empty and hollow and unloved and rejected; we feel unworthy and not enough. But, hey beautiful Being, let me ask you just one thing…how can you expect others to recognise and acknowledge and love you, if you do not recognise or acknowledge or love yourself?


Drawing your own box


Our false self can feel broken and unloved, but let me tell you this… our true self is whole and empowered and strong and beautiful and compassionate and loving and, above all, our true self is unique. Not one single piece of the true us can ever be broken or ever be in a state that is not love. And when we understand that we are not meant to fit into other people’s boxes, but to stand up and draw our own wonderful, crazy, unique, colourful box, and when we understand that we were not meant to be what others tell us to be, then we really begin to live…to live our life and not someone else’s. Loving yourself changes everything!


Much love and Blessings

PS.. If  you  are  ready  to claim your true self, let go of what no longer serves you and create a life of love and joy for yourself, and would like some support in beginning your journey, then why not apply for a Fragrance of Being Session. It’s my gift to you.

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