The awareness you have of yourself


Did you know that the Earth and the world are very different realities? They are not the same thing; these two words are not inter-changeable.

The Earth is a celestial body, a living planet of awe-inspiring beauty, greenness, flowers, waters, mountains, deserts and all the great and small creatures that inhabit it. Together with the warmth of the Sun and the light of the Moon, it gives us life. It nurtures us, it natures us. It gives us the air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink. It is our earthly, temporal home where we come to have a human experience of life, expansion, and self-realization.

The world, however, is something created by man. It is the collective world that is ruled by other people’s thoughts, beliefs, words, perceptions, and experiences. It is based on fear, separateness, and otherness. It is based on worldly affairs, interests, pursuits, and laws. It is a world full of boxes that we are expected and taught and conditioned to fit into and, if we don’t, we are excluded and rejected.

We enter this world, we live in this world for a period, we leave this world, and this world continues on. Yet, did you know that there is also another world.

Your self-awareness

There is also another world that is here because you came into it. It is a world that grows and develops because of you. It is a world that moves and changes because you are in it. It is a world that is richer or poorer because you are there. It is a world that is as limited as your fears, or as great as your courage. This world is a refection of you; it is full of love or hate according to the openness of your heart. It is the mirror of your kindness, your smiles and laughter, your responsibility and your choices. It is according to your words, your thoughts, and your actions. Whether it is a world of separation or inclusion, or whether it expands and shrinks, depends on how you see yourself and what you believe yourself to be. This world is according to your self-awareness and your self-knowledge, your visibility, your voice, your silence.



As above, so below. As within, so without.


Anais Nin once said

“We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.”


Self-awareness and self-knowledge are key. How do you see your world lovely one? What words are you constantly telling yourself? Are you aware of how you feeling, what you are thinking, what you believe?

Get out of your head and down into your heart and listen very carefully. Your world depends on it.

Much Love and Fragrant Blessings

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